Help when Helpless. Story About a Stranger

I should not be walking all by myself in this area. It is not safe. Way too dark, but it is a beautiful night. New Bridget Jones film followed by discussions about Kanye West’s Fade video, a sperm donor app, mango flavoured chicken and insanely sweet chocolate cake finale. 2 minutes and I will be home….

Be Fierce or Go Home. Sirtaki Experience.

Live music. Greek dancing. Sirtaki. We are intrigued by the sign. 9pm. We enter the restaurant. Excited and hungry. We are about to have the most authentic Greek experience. The restaurant is packed. We take a seat. I always get confused. Are you supposed to wait to be seated? Upsetting the server is the last…

Black and White Edge

Dreaming at the end of the bridge. Holding ice cream. Watching it melt. I wonder how the city looks when the lights go down. What do strangers do when they reach the edge? I asked my fried to think of the edge. He mentioned U2. I blame the sunshine. It is inappropriately bright today. One of those…

Look Stranger in the Eye

Sidewalk full of strangers. Dreams and hopes. Dinner plans and busy schedules, shopping lists and aspirations. When was the last time you looked stranger in the eye? I did today. Nothing happened. I smiled.  

Staring at the Train Station

He blocked my way to platform 10A. Big brown eyes, olive skin, great smile, amazing teeth. Very young and very Asian. ‘Excuse me. I know it is going to sound strange, but I just wanted to tell you that you walk in a very feminine way’ he said staring at me with those piercing eyes….

Learning from Strangers

I was in Bangkok having one of those ‘I do not want to talk to anyone unless you are super cute’ days. Sitting in backpackers area and trying to get some pad thai before calling it a day. Entertaining myself with people watching. The lizard eyes went way too far gazing at some random guy, who…

Your Biggest Fear

When I was a little girl I was scared of the dark. I remember sleepovers at my grandmother’s place and the very dark and scary stairs. My auntie would tell me to fight the demons by smiling. I wonder if she knew that I did as told. There was a cross with Jesus on it….

Vietnam – Coffee Lovers Paradise

Routine and forever are on top of my list when it comes to the most terrifying words. I need to seek some serious assistance when it comes to forever, but I have realised that routine is much needed. Coffee drinking is one of the joys that would be missed. I always watch with envy ladies in the morning sitting in…

Social vs Anxious. When You Lose Your Stars

I found myself weeping in a bar. It was Chinese New Years Eve. The plan was to party. I was not feeling my best self that day, but it seemed manageable. I had two cocktails, forced myself to dance and laugh. I do tend to drift from super sociable and happy to someone just observing…