Moroccan Rug of Dreams

‘Stop taking pictures. Are you from China? Do you want to steal my designs? Why are you taking so many pictures? Click! Click! Stop now! One is enough. Stop it.’ I smile. I need more time and someone in a bold outfit for the shot I have in mind. The one that makes your heritage pop out….

Green Shades

Delilah has run out of plates and mugs. Her spoons are mouldy. Delilah is waiting for a reply to her texts. Delilah sees heart shaped trees and clouds. In response to a photo challenge It IS Easy Being Green!

Take Time to Explore the Gold Around

I have taken some time to enjoy the golden fall. Caught fewer trams. Have you ever been on a tram? We have had some beautiful days here in Nottingham. Filled with sunshine, crispy cold, and blue skies. I do not remember the last time I took such a big admiration in my surroundings. Guilty of rushing and obsessing…

When Trees Lose Their Leaves

‘I live in Los Angeles. Where are you from?’ ‘Lithuania.’ ‘Oh, that’s so cool. You must have a beautiful spring.’ ‘I guess. I’ve never really thought about it.’ I wonder if she has seen the transformation of nature in fall.