All Things Shiny. In Morocco

close up moroccan art by ieva kambarovaitelady in moroccan streets by ieva kambarovaitemoroccan man in Fez streets by ieva kambarovaitebeautiful moroccan souvenirs by ieva kambarovaitestrangers in morocco Fez streets by ieva kambarovaite

Ooh, Shiny!‘ my visceral excitement walking through the doors of very precious looking Moroccan handmade pieces. I stayed there for a few minutes all by myself in a complete silence absorbing finely crafted artisan work. If you have ever been to Morocco you are probably wondering by now where I was able to find a quiet spot like that. I have no idea. I was completely lost.

Got into a conversation with a boy sitting outside the shop. He told me how these pieces were created by his family. Suddenly they were not just shiny, they had stories to tell.

That’s a thing about IKEA. Nothing has that much soul in there. However,  it is different if you bring something from a trip. Suddenly, it is not just shiny, it is full of life, excitement, and memories.

I hope you make an effort to connect with people and surround yourself with things that do not just look pretty, but also has a meaning. Something that cannot be seen, but can only be felt with your heart.


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  1. A.K. Malik says:

    Great post. These images are shiny and like you mentioned, have more meaning then just it’s physical. These lights/antiques capture the culture and people of the country as well. Hopefully I can visit Morocco one day and see images similar to these in person.

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    1. Morocco is a beautiful country. Definitely worth a visit. I hope you go there soon. Wish you that 💛 thank you for stopping by

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  2. jmacindoe says:

    Beautiful photos! Hope to visit Morocco some day myself.


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