When a Smile Speaks a Thousand Words. In Morocco

When I told my British colleagues at work that I was going to Morocco all by myself they were concerned and tried to change my mind.

You see, they feed their minds with fake news and fear, they choose to believe that love and kindness are not something we all practice.

During my short, but the most memorable stay I have experienced nothing, but hospitality. I will always remember Morocco as a place of dreams, life, flavours and genuine smiles.

I was treated with so much respect and care. I had local people approaching me and telling me how I should not be going to certain places as it might not be safe for a woman travelling all by herself.

I truly believe that a smile is worth a thousand words. You can connect, hear stories and experience someone else’s life just with a help of a smile.

This is a collection of elemental smiley faces that are not grainy at all.

old happy man by ieva kambarovaiteHe sat there selling vegetables and watching the world go by.

fish seller by ieva kambarovaiteA busy fish seller did not mind taking a minute out of his busy day and smile for me.

moroccan man in white by ieva kambarovaiteHe told me I looked just like his daughter he is so proud of. She is about to become a doctor.

a boy with a bird by ieva kambarovaiteA boy having fun with a bird that’s trying to escape. I am happy he did not try to run away from my camera.

kind man by ieva kambarovaiteI would like to call this picture “A face with the sun shining from within”. One of the kindest faces I have ever seen.

sewing grandmother by ieva kambarovaiteA lovely lady in Meknes. I could not understand what she was saying, ended up taking a picture of her and her best friend.

orange seller by ieva kambarovaiteA gentleman selling oranges. I wish office workers looked this happy.

moroccan essential oils and a man smiling by ieva kambarovaite
A gentleman selling all things beauty. He told me about his Berber origins and travels abroad.

cooking in morocco by ieva kambarovaiteA stranger I met walking down the street, who became a friend 5 minutes later. Mohamed makes the most delicious fish tagine.

stranger in traditional wear by ieva kambarovaite
This gentleman stood begging next to a mosque in Fez. We exchanged smiles. I did not give him any change, passed some good vibes instead.

blue city in Morocco people photography by ieva kambarovaite.JPGA kind lady waving sending a blessing. On of my favourite aesthetically pleasing photos. Celebrating the blues of Chefchaouen, the blue city in Morocco.

I have initially written this post for Morroco World News as a photo essay titled Morocco Through the Eyes of a Female Traveler.

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  1. Tresa's Art says:

    Lovely photographs, as usual. Have a great week.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Tresa for your lovely words. You have a great week too ♥


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