Same Same But Different Blue Sky

market square nottingham fair by ieva kambarovaitenottingham blue sky fairy rides by ieva kambarovaitearchitecture nottingham united kingdom by ieva kambarovaite

If you are going to Thailand or Vietnam, you need to learn a phrase ‘same same but different’.

How to use ‘same same but different’:

  • You are shopping with your girlfriend and a lady behind a counter asks if this is your wife. You answer ‘same same but different’.
  • You have found a Rolex watch at a very good price and you ask whether it is real. A gentleman selling it says ‘same same but different’.
  • You order a prawn salad at the restaurant. When your food arrives the very awaited prawns are missing. When you try to enquire about it, you get a response ‘same same but different’.

You might think it is substandard but it’s just ‘same same but different’.

Blue skies bring quite a satisfaction in my life. I love them. This is a post that I wrote around the same time last year. Same spot, a different angle. I tend to go and take pictures of places that are unfamiliar to me. I like the excitement that comes with it. I shall try and find a satisfaction in sights that are known to my eyes trying to look at them from a different perspective.

An elephant cloud is never exactly the same, it’s more like ‘same same but different.’

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  1. Tresa's Art says:

    Absolutely gorgeous images!

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  2. Interesting, and sympathetic!

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  3. Different different….and different….

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    1. That’s what I thought 😉 Thank you

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      1. my pleasure….leva….regards….

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