£4000 for Golden Yarn

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How do I know he’s the one? The golden yarn for my dress was shipped all the way from Pakistan. He said I would not need to work unless really bored. I hope my mother in law loves me and doesn’t criticise my cooking.

What about my aunties, friends and sisters? My old father would probably get a heart attack if he found out about my doubts.

I can’t sleep. I can’t eat. I’ve lost half of my weight. They’ve amended my dress twice. Have I chosen the right table decorations? Is that venue good enough? I’m not so sure about the flowers.

I feel sick. I do not think I can do this. Someone, please rip off that dress. There’s something wrong with this foundation. It’s making my face itch. No, wait. It must be that golden yarn. Breathe.


I watch my beautiful friend make an entrance. I am not sure if it’s the dress or the light from the garden. She’s wrapped in golden rays of sunshine. The kind of yellow angels would have around them if they bothered to show their faces.

Her eyes are full of love, no doubt. I’m feeling relieved. Love is.


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