We Need Each Other

‘Why would you get a projector if you are sleeping on the floor? You eat rice three times a day.’

Little did I understand what was important during my first volunteering days in Cambodia. A week passed by and I found myself sleeping on the bamboo mat, eating rice three times a day and indulging into fried bananas when sugar craving kicked in. I will always remember Khmer people as the best singers with the biggest hearts, very proud and extremely clean.

I promised myself I would send my new friends some books. I could not understand how the task to write a story could only end up with the one of a poor farmer’s child getting rich and buying his mother a house. There were no princesses, no dragons.

I never sent those books. Still feeling guilty.

I’ve received a message this morning. ‘Hello my friend. I am shy to ask…’
My lovely friend has a trip planned. He is taking students to visit one of the most beautiful places in Cambodia. Kampong Som. I remember he proudly mentioned the trip a few months ago. It made me so happy. Thought it could be a perfect place for big dreams.

Issues with the funding. He remembered me. A girl, who stayed at the school trying her best to help, but was not sure if she did enough. All she wanted was to collect some of the loving hearts, so when the time was right, she could open a special box and hold on to them.

Today was quite a tough day. It made me so happy knowing that someone that I will always be fond of reached out for me and thought I could help. We need to do more of that. We need to speak out and remember that we are probably not alone. There are those, who care about us and would do anything to help.

Sending lots of love xx

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