When You Always Want More

mekong-river-laos-treasures-by-ieva-kambarovaitelittle-girl-fishing-laos-rivergirl-fishing-mekong-riverIt is about 15 minutes walk. You will see it on your right. There is no way you can miss it, she said.

I am doing as told. My feet is dusty and dirty and I am sweating even from my …. (You don’t need to know that). I keep going. There is nothing that looks like an ice cream place. I am officially in the middle of nowhere. Don Det island, you are confusing me.

I make a turn to the right. I can see something in the distance. I pass the bridge. Yes! I did not fall into the water. Lao ladies are staring at me. I clearly do not belong there. I bump into a fence. Dogs are running around. Does not look like an ice cream place at all.

You can never know in Laos. I remember going to this tiny place to get some samosas. I ended up having my hair washed and straightened. I wish I have done it more often when I was in Asia. These ladies are sensational when it comes to a head massage. And they are so beautiful.

I am officially tired. I make myself comfortable on a bridge. A tiny girl comes out. We exchange smiles. She dives into Mekong river. She gets into a surface holding something and puts it into a basket. Could be dinner. She smiles at me.

I am sitting on a dusty bridge thinking about our overfilled fridges and never satisfied desires. How can we get it so wrong?

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