Do Not Forget To Smile. Angkor Wat

angkor-wat-cambodia-local-arts-khmerEarly morning. My tuk tuk driver picked me up before the sunrise. Big day. A day I was a guest at the very special Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

It is easy to get overwhelmed in such surreal places. I like to wander. Not one of those bullet point visitors. I enjoy being in places and not ‘doing’ them. Getting lost can be fun. As long as you know where is the end/beginning of your road.

Every temple evoke different feelings. Touching and smelling the ruins, creating stories, thinking of secrets that these walls might have hidden.

I stumbled upon a group of Khmer boys and girls. They were primping in front of the mirror. Putting on make up in order to transmogrify their faces. Boys and girls putting layers of powder to make sure those faces looked white enough.

Later I saw them posing for ‘authentic’ pictures. Those huge smiles. It felt that they did not really want to be there. Smiles were fake. Can you blame them? Standing for hours in a blistering heat and smiling. Smiling and smiling. Smiling again.

Yes, recent events have not been particularly pleasant. but don’t forget to smile.
Big genuine smiles.

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  1. Paige Wunder says:

    I think smiles come easily at Angkor Wat. There’s just so much beauty and spirit in that gorgeous site. Great, insightful post. Xx

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    1. True. Thank you 😊 I do feel though I haven’t appreciated as much as I could have during my rather short visit.


  2. Really sometime smiling is very easy. Simple thought about anything good happens with you and you blush..

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  3. miathelunatic says:

    I went there a few years ago and I remember very clearly all the kids there walking barefoot, selling bracelets and asking for candy. It was just really touching and sobering. Also these photos are stunning!

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