For the Lovers of Extraordinary. Greek Wander

greek-islands-streets-mokita-dreams-old-manargostoli-white-house-narrow-streetscolourful-streets-in-greece-mokita-dreams-argostoliclassic-red-car-greek-islands-mokita-dreams-by-ieva-kambarovaitelady-streets-greece-colourful-housesargostoli-greece-islands-architectureargostoli-greek-town-architecture-dogargostoli-narrow-streets-in-greeceDo you get stuck? I do. Trapped in an imaginary world of problems. Making failure plans and having nothing to look forward to. Misery can be so tiring. Why would anyone choose to feel that way?

Then the imaginary happens and you snap out of it. I hope you do.

Travel pictures always bring light into my ordinary day. I look at them and smile remembering all the colours, smells, kind faces and the beauty of the sights I have never even dreamt of. Nothing like vibrant blue skies and strangers that introduce you to the impossible.

I hope your day is full of hope and big genuine smiles.

These are pictures of colourful streets in Greece, Kefalonia. Go here and here for more Greek love.


12 thoughts on “For the Lovers of Extraordinary. Greek Wander

  1. Wow! Nice shots. I wanted to come out of that door with 2 cups of tea and share with the old man in the first picture. Wanted to sit on that bench in the 2nd pic with friends and talk when the weather is cool. Loved the pics with dogs. Would like a talk with the dog.

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  2. “imaginary world of problems” & “strangers that make you believe in impossible” Like always, this time I take these two lines from your blog and note them down in my diary , a hundred more lines like this and i will publish them all in one big post, Ieva. You are the best (for me 😛 ) .

    Love, Smile, Hugs & Kisses.


  3. Greece 🙂 you were so near to Albania, my home country. You should definitely come to visit it, there some amazing spots for your snaps 😉
    By the way I have fallen in love with your blog, your pics, your perspective and your angle ^_^


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