Dream Pink. Quest the World

mokita-dreams-pink-pots-shadowmokita-dreams-pink-windowmokita-dreams-path-pink-flowersmokita-dreams-pink-house-streetmokita-dreams-pinks-streets-islands-greecemokita-dreams-pink-houses-greecemokita-dreams-pink-meter-houseI thought I was fat and old. I have given up hope. Got so tired and numb. Why does life have to be so hard? I might have even been depressed at some point. I have ignored 68 messages on my online dating profile. What’s the problem with these playboy looking hulks in their 30s? Can’t they see I could be their mother?

I went on a trip.

I have got my wings back. The sky is clear and the dreams are pink. I want to get back in shape and live a long happy life. I still got so many places to visit, mountains to climb, flowers to smell, wines to taste and sunrises to greet.

I hope you find your wings. Dream pink. Quest the world.

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  1. An Outcast Wayfarer says:


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    1. Thank you. I’m glad you’re not scared of pink 😉


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