Look Stranger in the Eye


Sidewalk full of strangers. Dreams and hopes. Dinner plans and busy schedules, shopping lists and aspirations.

When was the last time you looked stranger in the eye?
I did today. Nothing happened. I smiled.



13 thoughts on “Look Stranger in the Eye

  1. These photos paint a vivid picture. When I look at them, I see the struggle and loneliness I felt when I moved out of state on my own; with no money. However,I also see freedom; the kind of freedom you get my bathing in your introspection through the privacy of the city’s anomymity.

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      1. I couldnt agree more. I did my part. I tried to impart the painful lessons i learned, on anyone who would listen or was younger than me.

        I even gave money to homeless people, and i was so broke.


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