Back to School

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A dress or a skirt? I can’t wear that. Too short. I don’t want to look like I am trying too hard. What about flowers? Is it OK to bring flowers to my English teacher? Will my classmates think I’m kissing her a**? 

1st of September is the first day of school depending which hemisphere you are coming from. Everyone gets into their smart selves and march to school after summer holidays.

Things to do on the 1st of September if you are a teenager in Lithuania:

  • stay cool;
  • find your friends;
  • watch students perform;
  • listen to head teacher’s speech;
  • make sure your crush sees you;
  • gossip about the girl that got pregnant;
  • gossip about the girl with a slutty outfit;
  • take a group picture;
  • find a grownup that can buy alcohol;
  • get drunk;
  • go dancing if you were able to control booze intake.

Yes, I am from Eastern Europe and vodka is running through my veins.

You must be judging by now. I might not fit into the frame you are accustomed to.

I wish I knew better when I went to school.
I wish I was not so hard on myself for not being the best at everything.
I wish I was better at being myself instead of trying to fit in.
I wish I knew how to tell someone when they were mean or hurt my feelings.
I wish I stood up for someone who was being bullied.

Happy 1st of September.

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