Girl Crush Framed


frame mokita dreams walk woods.jpgI have a new crush. Her name is Victoria. She looks like a doll.

Her eyes twinkle and are full of life and ambition. She’s got porcelain skin and a tiny waste. Her posture is a message to the world; the message of courage and determination.

Victoria loves dolls, but had to leave them behind to pursue the responsibilities that came with the crown.

Victoria is TV mini-series that started on ITV. I do not know whether it is available outside the UK. If you do get a chance, please, watch it. Every single frame is like a piece of art.

It took me back to the most unforgettable places. One of the first school trips when I went to visit Trakai Island castle. My visit to Paris and Château de Versailles. The confusing streets of Rome and most loved Woody Allen’s films.

One eye sees, the other feels.” 

Paul Klee

Sometimes I find myself watching a performance and wonder if people behind it understand that they are part of the magic. Hours of work are put into something so gorgeous. I find 1800s fashion portrayed in Victoria nothing but mesmerising.

Clothes, music, scenery, architecture, decor, choreography, make up, hair, dialogues – all carefully thought out. It is like Ana Karenina living in English Royal Palace, but younger and not depressed yet.

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