Things to do: SMILE

list making why i love cambodia mokita dreamslist making sranger groceries mokita dreams
The alarm goes off. I press snooze. I press it again. One, two, three! Again. I am late for work. I need to rush like a lunatic. Next morning I do the same.

“In all of modern history, no single invention has so perfectly captured the perverse power of the mind to defeat its own best intentions as the snooze button.”

Mel Robbins

I have a degree. PhD in procrastination. I make the most ambitious lists at 11pm. The lists that include starting the day with yoga, a glass of lemon water and listening to a podcast in Spanish while eating breakfast. Breakfast where I am not rushing, but being mindful.

I am brilliant at coming up with all kinds of ideas and plans. I tell about it to my best friend, who is always so encouraging and listens to the poetry of list-making. Bless her. She never judges and says I am lovely. I love her.

list making mokita dreams happy things trip

It is good to be surrounded by encouraging people, but I feel that sometimes I need that kick in the ass. If you also do, please, watch this TED talk presented by Mel Robbins, a wise life couch and inspirational speaker. She talks about the magic of acting on your ideas in 5 seconds. The 5 second rule.

I have asked my family and friends to share their ‘to do lists’. Not much luck. Some of them changed the subject while others just ignored me.

I have found a stranger’s shopping list. I have also dug out some of my old diaries as I have way too many. I keep collecting them. Reading them is like the best stand up comedy. I am the comedian.

list making mokita dreamslist making trip plans mokita dreams

I hope you are obsessed with living and not list-making.

happy smiling

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  1. Haha! I am a little obsessed with list making, don’t know why, I think it helps me to be more organized…But mostly I prefer living and smiling 🙂 Is the first list yours? It’s a great idea for a list “Why I fell in love with…” Like it!

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    1. mokitadreams says:

      I hope you make a really good one.. the most ambitious and fearless 🙂

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  2. simplywithin says:

    I have to admit, I’m also guilty of making ambitious lists that I never accomplish.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mokitadreams says:

      Thanks for making me feel better 🙂

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