Magical Memory Box

walk bridge mokita dreamsmokita dreams stairs trainersmokita dreams forest swedenlifeguard beach mokita dreamsmokita dreams girl green dress fieldssky town sweden mokita dreams

That sound when everyone is unwrapping Christmas presents and if you stop for a moment you can hear magic.

Christmas used to be so magical. The very fancy Santa does not look so intimidating these days. I still believe in magic.

I went to Sweden to visit my family and the only way I can describe the days spent in complete showers of love – Christmas. I do apologise for mentioning the big word when it is only August, but I was thinking the other day of making some cards. Every single year I promise myself to do it, but it never happens.

I was treated like royalty. The mixture of Lithuanian and Swedish hospitality kicked in and it was never ending feast of the most beautiful places, meals, walks, beaches, forests, lakes and skies. But the real magic took place when we were playing Uno (card game). My little cousin loved it so much that it felt like we have done it at least fifty times.

It was one of those moments you cannot record. You just breathe in as much as you can, close your eyes, memorise every single detail about it, lock it in a special memory box and you hope it will stay there forever.

I hope you find time to spend time with your family and your loved ones.
I hope your memory box is overflown with love, magic and all the beauty in the world.

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  1. sim8ba says:

    This may come across as a very silly comment, Ieva, “sound when everyone is unwrapping Christmas presents” when reading this line – I imagined myself standing in a busy street junction with Christmas presents all around me and a few gifts among them were being opened

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Vry happy to hear you’ve drawn your very own picture. And thank you for sharing 😊 sending huge hugs

      Liked by 1 person

      1. sim8ba says:

        Hahaha thank you!


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