Girls that Rock Not Just On Paper

worry doll

“Beauty is an enormous, unmerited gift given randomly, stupidly.”

-Khaled Hosseini, And the Mountains Echoed

—- A L I C E —-

Alice calls herself a feminist. She questions quantum physics and woman’s role in society, hoping that one day gender will be ancient just like those video tapes you have the most memorable moments recorded, but never bother to watch. You blame Netflix and your boss.

Alice knows the world through her big brown eyes. She’s obsessed with hair. Alice thinks it’s not OK to see 12 year olds shaving their bits to look like Barbies with too many things to wear.

Alice finds peace in arts. She has dedicated her paper to the mystery of hair. She shaved her head to keep it real. Her hair has grown back, so have the wounds Alice never tries to hide.

The day we met, she told me about an open relationship she had for years. Alice is honest and not possessive. So rare nowadays, it makes you blush.

Alice practices Yoga. You feel intimidated by her posture even when she reads. We went on a trip together. She kept it straight the whole time.

Alice thinks my jokes are funny.

I could watch her smile forever.

worry doll 2—- P A O L A —-

Paola makes it look she could not care less. You know she has a loving heart listening to her love stories that could fill every page of War and Peace.

Paola is restless and fierce. Her imagination works wonders for those who are able to open their eyes and make a jump. You look at her and wonder how colourful the world must be in her surrender.

Paola is a Flamenco dancer. She says she’s tired of Flamenco and wants to do big things in life. Once you see her move you wish she never stopped. You want to tell her it is as big as it can get.

I hope she can see the magic that fills the room once her body starts singing a song. Every move she makes looks so effortless and real. She said it took years of practice to make it look that way.

Paola is a world traveller. She sleeps around strangers naked and feeds you with a desire not to set up your alarm ever again.

Can joy and passion be taught?

worry doll—- K A T I E —-

When I met Katie I thought she had a nervous smile, the one you keep on to comfort yourself in the presence of those you have never met before. Soon did I learn it was a very real one. We spent days and nights together sharing meals and bedtime stories. Never did I see her angry.

Katie has a fancy apartment and uses her holidays to explore the world. She hitchhiked in Europe and South East Asia. She went to South America for some sun. Time spent away from home made her question the very fancy degree in medicine that took years to obtain.

Katie is secretly looking for love. When asked if she feels lonely, she says it only happens on Sundays. She does not believe in casual encounters. Her loving father had set the bar high.

It made me wonder how it feels to look for a partner that is so much like your father when I have spent most of my relationships running from men that reminded me of mine.

Katie has the most beautiful skin and legs to kill. Her double Ds distract boys, but she has no clue, which makes it so much fun to watch.

Worry dolls were part of Mosaic School’s Summer Camp mindfulness programme in Bang Phra, Thailand. 5-12 year olds made worry dolls to overcome their fears. The background that worry dolls are placed in is a part of senses activity. Children had to find different materials to illustrate the sense of touch. 

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