Be open-minded

chicken rooster mokita dreams

‘What are you doing tonight?’ asked a lid.
‘Not much. I might just hang out with caps, covers, plugs,’ answered a can of spray paint.
‘How come? You are all different in size, colour and shape. Isn’t that a little bizarre? How can you be friends?’
‘What do you mean, dear?
‘You know exactly what I mean. I am a plastic lid, I grew up around these tough metal ones. They are so intimidating.’
‘Oh, I never thought of that. Rooster Katie will be there as well.’
‘Katie? Are you out of your mind? Last time I saw her she was sitting on one of my mates.’
‘Don’t be so narrow-minded, dear. I am sure she was just helping. We are all a big family here.’
‘I bet you are!’
‘Please, don’t be like that. Let’s hang out and hold hands. Last week we had a new family moving in and they have been throwing all kinds of goodness in to the trash. It’s going to be a real treat of colours, places, flavours and scents. Everyone is coming.’
‘Sounds rather narrow .’
‘It will be fun. I promise!’



6 thoughts on “Be open-minded

  1. Very Good thought leva! People should be able to celebrate the differences.

    I get turned off easily (very) by my fellow human beings -_- . Prefer to watch ‘Diversity’ from a safe distance and enjoy.


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