The Land of Lust

IMG_20160610_214912IMG_20160610_214548IMG_20160610_215249IMG_20160610_222927 (1)IMG_20160610_214251IMG_20160610_222142Once upon a time there was a fishing village in eastern Gulf coast of Thailand. The years went by and fish was not the only catch wanted by the locals. Blooming girls and rosy gentlemen started coming to the land looking for love in all shapes, flavours and forms.

I had a great pleasure myself to visit this wonderland.

I went there for the beach, since it’s only 100 miles away from Bangkok. I thought it could be a great place to chill and reflect, get some lizard time, read the books that I have. Google was screaming ‘sex’ when I looked it up, but I decided to take a risk. How bad can it be?

I arrived and checked into a hostel that smelled like feet. I made a friend, a cute girl from Australia, who warned how dirty the beach was. Little did I give thought to her remarks, thinking she was talking from her fortunate Laguna experience.

Off I went. The beach was full of rubbish. My eyes are getting used to this scene in South East Asia. Still, makes me sad every time I see it. I kept on walking hoping to find a good spot for the sunset.

Refreshing jump into the water was in order. Not the best idea. Later did I find out from the local girls that a more reasonable beach scene was only 30 mins by boat away. I went to a white sand island and it was perfect.

Pattaya is heaven if you enjoy people watching. I watched this girl working her magic. She approached a gentleman, who showed her how to stretch. Her body language was such a bliss. Then she moved to someone in his 60s rocking a salmon top. He didn’t look interested enough. She kept touching his thighs. She smiled gracefully and made sure everyone could see her cheeks jumping from those ass tight jeans.

I decided to have some quiet Starbucks time. A middle aged gentleman approached me asking if I wanted to join. I was hesitant at first, but then I said yes. Three respected men from Israel shared their life wisdom with me, they showed pictures of their grandchildren and beautiful wives.

One of them was a divorcee coming to the land of lust 5 years in a row. He explained me the basic rules of the game. You get approached by a girl and if you show interest she asks you if it is a long or a short one. The price varies between 1000-3000 baht. He said the most wanted are young girls, but he assured that he would never go with someone underage.

I remember when I was in Vietnam and I got myself into a conversation with one of the local ladies at the bar. When I inquired about the price, the lady only needed to know how young I wanted a girl to be. She had a very wide age spectrum to offer.

I was ready to call it a night. I passed by one of the bars and I saw a really cute girl dancing on a pole. I approached her, we exchanged smiles. She insisted I stayed. I ordered some water. Her moves were OK. Her body was beautiful.

She approached me and asked where I stayed. She said she could come with me for 1000 baht. I told her I only wanted to know her as a friend. We exchanged Facebook names. Then I saw her leave with a very hungry man. She kissed my cheeks and my neck before saying goodbye.

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