Learning from Strangers

I was in Bangkok having one of those ‘I do not want to talk to anyone unless you are super cute’ days. Sitting in backpackers area and trying to get some pad thai before calling it a day. Entertaining myself with people watching.

The lizard eyes went way too far gazing at some random guy, who approached me asking if he could join. I am still working on my NO. He looked lonely and I did not want to be mean. I had no intentions of flirting and could not be asked to have another conversation about the places I have visited. I decided to skip the small talk.

‘Why are you travelling? What are you searching for?’ I asked.

The French guy, let’s call him Antoine, is travelling in search of his masculine energy. He is struggling with women. He is not brave enough to show he wants them.

Antoine met a girl. He really liked her, but he never had the courage to approach her. Later did he learn that the feeling was mutual. Sadly it was too late, the ocean was between them. Antoine told me that with the help of yoga and meditation he was able to awaken his masculine energy.

He also told me about intimidating European women. Antoine thinks we all are going the wrong direction forgetting the role given to us by nature. He told me about his friends who come to South East Asia, get themselves local girlfriends and live happily ever after. Antoine likes women that he can look after and treat like magic.

Antoine thinks meditation and yoga should be taught at school. He wants to go to Canada, earn a lot of money, buy a house in South of France and educate the world about listening to the gut and concentrating on the gifts that everyone has got.

Antoine told me it was his last night in Bangkok. He, as a broke backpacker, decided to rent a fancy room with AC and TV as a treat. I caught myself playing with my hair. Never did I think I could be interested in someone like him.

Go out, meet strangers, ask tough questions and learn something new about yourself and the world.

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