Your Biggest Fear

When I was a little girl I was scared of the dark. I remember sleepovers at my grandmother’s place and the very dark and scary stairs. My auntie would tell me to fight the demons by smiling. I wonder if she knew that I did as told.

There was a cross with Jesus on it. It glared in the dark, the most terrifying thing recorded in human history. And a picture on the wall with flowers staring at you in the most petrifying fashion.

I am still scared of the dark. I am more sensible. I keep repeating ‘this is only your imagination’. Sometimes I remember my auntie’s advice and smile.


I had a conversation about fear with 5-12 year olds. They told me about demons and ghosts, snakes and spiders, sharks in the pool, the texture of noodles, their strict parents. I was surprised to find out that one of the biggest fears children had was the thought of losing their parents to death.

We played a fear factor. Blindfolded children had to fish for unknown objects in dark boxes. They were told beforehand that some of the boxes contained objects that were alive. It took about 10 minutes of negotiation before the first kid was brave enough to go for it. Some of them decided to skip the joy. Little did they know that boxes were filled with raw eggs, cold noodles and bread dough. The immense power of imagination.


I was in Don Det island by the fire gazing at the stars with this super cute American. That’s what you get when you decide to take some time off and indulge into travelling.
I asked about his biggest fear.
‘Not being able to live to my full potential,’  he said.

I have been told it is rude to ask personal questions. I’d rather be rude than bored. I have learned that sometimes you meet people and you think you have nothing in common, but it is only because you have not asked the right questions.


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  1. rhackblog says:

    I appreciate your candor here. I had fears of the dark as well. My basement, as a young child, was especially frightening. We had to spend extra time there, since we lived in Kansas where tornadoes “live”.


    1. mokitadreams says:

      Thanks for sharing. Basements still freak me out.
      Every time I hear someone talking about their hiding places during tornadoes, I imagine storytelling, the best snacks on the planet and quality family time 🙂
      And tea


  2. rhackblog says:

    By the way….I LOVE coffee! 🙂


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