Blossom Love. Cats that Run Away


Well groomed cat Jasper
Has a very sophisticated looking
Set of claws.
He spends hours reading The Economist,
Jasper owns too many books
About World War II.

Everyone thinks he likes to stand
In front of the mirror,
Instead, he seeks for his reflection
In strangers’ wisdom.

Jasper loves his lazy cat life
And doesn’t want to give it up
For the first pretty face
He might meet at the bar.

He knows your blues for flowers.
He treats you with love and kindness.
He gives you lilies and roses
But never remembers your birthday.

You think he’s thoughtful and sweet.
All he wants is the reassurance
That you’ll never leave.

Jasper is a love junkie.
He is always seeking for distractions,
When he is alone
His dinner tastes too bland.

He gives you flowers
And strokes your back,
You bake cookies together
And then you never meet again.

You want to stick around.
The flowers are too good to give up,
But it does not feel right.
You know, Jasper gives flowers
To other cats as well.

You head to Asda to buy some flowers.
Close your eyes
And travel to foreign lands.

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