Love Bubble

He kicked me out of the house
For not loving his cat enough.

I never made fun of his flabby abs,
Ironed his underwear and socks,
Always used his favourite detergent,
Scrambled his eggs and made his tea,
Never complained when he took ages to do his hair,
Stayed with him when he pushed me of the stairs.

I even took a loan to fix his chest.
Little did I know it cannot fix his self-esteem.

Sometimes he cries at night.
I hold him and kiss his head.
We talk about stars and movies we never watch,
He tells how pretty I am and how lucky he is,
We hold hands and make future plans.

Next day he criticises my cooking
And the way I wear my hair.
He hates my best friend
And the way I bleach his sink.
He wants to see me at the gym
Wearing one of those tight outfits,
Forbidding to speak to strangers,
Working on those abs he sees
In Sports Illustrated magazine.

Some days I look at our love bubble
And I think how sick it is.
But then he makes sweet love to me,
Tells how special and beautiful I am.
I make his favourite tea
And we live happily ever after.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. streetbiter says:

    Sadly story…i like your words and also the picture


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