Vietnam – Coffee Lovers Paradise

Routine and forever are on top of my list when it comes to the most terrifying words. I need to seek some serious assistance when it comes to foreverbut I have realised that routine is much needed. Coffee drinking is one of the joys that would be missed.


I always watch with envy ladies in the morning sitting in coffee shops and chatting about dreams and moisturisers, books and annoying colleagues, nutrition and monochrome patterns. I would love that. Being in a place where I could drink coffee with my best friend, could help me embrace the forever.

Coffee made my stay in Vietnam an incredibly pleasant experience. I remember when I arrived to Saigon and saw the amount of cafes there. Soon I have realised that even if I visited a new place each time I had coffee, it would take me years to try them all.


Hot or cold, sweet milk or no sugar? Served in a little glass dipped in water, a cup with crooked edges, a tea candle, or a fancy Vietnamese coffee maker, that takes the experience to a different level, as it takes ages for the black goddess to make its presence.

I am a big latte drinker back home (wherever that place is). Firstly, I was intimidated by the strong flavour that Vietnamese coffee beans presented, but instantly did I fall in love with its beauty, chocolaty and nutty flavours.

One thing that made it even better – the people that I shared it with, and the conversations we had, watching the world go by. I would always remember someone very special, my little flower, who is the biggest coffee fan, and always wondered how nice it would be to indulge into these flavours together.

If you love coffee you need to visit Vietnam. Please, do.






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