Hunger for Adventure. Will you ever climax?

Mouse Justin and his friend Mia
Had a smothering adventure fever.
Craving for the stars
And the cheese to be tasted yet.

Justin got a boat from a stranger.
Sky blue with green and yellow edges
And a face of dragon fiercely staring.
The boat that makes you feel
Like the coolest bad ass dude
Cruising through Caribbean
And having more fun
Than Johnny Depp could ever do.

No questions were posed
When the flaming dragon eyes
Got lullabied by the forest.
The greens and blues,
The smell of sunshine and silence,
The branches that can only
Be found at Angkor Wat.

The boat got out of control
Moving at the speed
That only light could ever do.
Mia got terribly scared
Before she remembered
Her hunger for freedom
And the constant thirst for
Trembling knees.

How far are you willing to go
To feed your hunger for adventure
When the demon on your left shoulder
Cannot guarantee you climax
Before the sunset?


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